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📷 Reflecting on New Years Day, 2019

📷 Reflecting on New Years Day, 2019
A historic green bus parked in front of a thatch-roofed cottage. The bus and cottage are reflected in the surface of the village's lake.

The Friends of King Alfred Buses are famed for their excellent running days in Winchester.

They run two events every year: the main event – on the May bank holiday weekend with their entire fleet & visitors from far afield running an expansive network of routes radiating from Winchester – and a smaller New Years Day running day.

Last year’s running day was brilliant – with lush clear blue skies making for excellent photographs.

In this picture:

Here is FoKAB’s 708, the recently refurbished Olympic, sat in the village of Crawley with the vibrant green bus reflecting on the surface of the village pond.

Interestingly, Crawley receives a better level of service during FoKAB running days than it would normally! Stagecoach’s route 16 only serves the village twice a day each way en route to Stockbridge, Houghton & Broughton from Winchester.

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