In response to “Bus Franchising, The Debate Continues”

I’m writing this article in response to a recent post on Steve’s brilliant ‘Bus and Train’ blog.

The post discusses how a franchised system could benefit the passengers of Norfolk and Suffolk, how the operating landscape has developed over the years and how rural and vulnerable passengers are being increasingly left behind by commercial operators.

Before reading my response to Steve below, you must read his article.

I, respectfully, disagree

I, respectfully, disagree with pretty much everything you’ve written Steve. But then again, isn’t that what the internet’s here for?

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Exploring the North Norfolk coast on Coasthopper

During the penultimate week of Stagecoach’s tenure in King’s Lynn, I explored the Coasthopper route all the way through to Wells-next-the-Sea and Cromer.

The stalwart of the North Norfolk coast transport network, the Coasthopper services are a tourist attraction in their own right – even featuring on road signs in the region.

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Giving the Green Light to Green Line’s demonstrators

Green Line has been home to a wide array of demonstrators the past three months.

In preparation for a brand new fleet to enter service later this year, Reading Buses have been trialling all of the latest and greatest vehicles the industry has to offer.

I’ve had the pleasure of travelling on most of these vehicles and have summarised my thoughts on them below.

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Does competition work with buses?

Are there enough passengers to support long-term, sustainable competition between bus operators? I doubt it. Even if there are enough passengers, is head to head competition beneficial for passengers?

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